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We raised in excess of £400 for the team and kept the club happy by taking nearly £1,000 behind the bar.

I challenge any football club that says they can’t make money out of an
evening like we had. £15 per ticket for 3+ hours entertainment, once we sold
35 tickets the rest was ours!! We sold 80 tickets! Do the maths!

The Comedian was great and the girls were top notch. We managed to raise over £700 on the bar and covered the very reasonable booking cost of £550 through ticket sales alone.

Your two comedy spots were worth the entrance money alone & the girls were brilliant!

70 tickets @£15 each bought us in £1050 so £500 profit on tickets plus a massive bar take! WOW!!

Just to let you know the bar took over £1600 and we made £300 on the tickets so overall the club made about £2000 for the night.

The girls were great, both gorgeous, the guys usually just abuse the Comedian coz they only want to see the girls, but you had them in stitches!

We managed to raise just over £2,500 on the evening which will go a long way in our “new roof” fund.

You were a funny funny guy & your girls were as stunning as you said they would be!

Just to let you know that we raised £750 for our football team thanks to the Gentlemen’s Evening. 

I can thoroughly recommend Geoff Jukes and his girls, good entertainment/value, money raiser for the club, a real night to remember!!!!!!!!

The comedy was top notch and the girls were stunning, they looked even more attractive than in the poster!

The two girls were Top draw..!!!

We all had a fantastic night, and ended up being a very entertaining evening with some great stories to follow. We look forward to another awesome evening next year.

Nothing else was spoken about in the dressing on Sunday morning!

To any apprehensive non league chairman or committee out there unsure whether to commit to entertainment from JUKES ENTERTAINMENT, DON’T BE!!!!

The girls were amazing, very “elegant” in what they done and very professional!

What an excellent show! Thank you so much! Please pass on my thanks to the girls too, they were amazing!!

I just wanted to thank you for providing the entertainment for my fundraising efforts for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research which helped me raise £880 for my chosen charity.

Your comedy was top notch and the girls where stunning and also fantastic, the whole professional approach and service you gave was outstanding. Will deffo use you again and thanks for helping us raise nearly £500 towards the charities..once again FANTASTIC!!!

Jukes entertainment put on a fantastic show for us on our Gentlemens Evening  recently. The whole entertainment package was very professionally put together. The comedian set the tone well and warmed up the crowd with some hilarious jokes many involving the audience. The girls were fantastic with all the guys present really enjoying the show put on. All in all a great package and I would recommend Jukes Entertainment to anyone organising these events!!

Absolutely fantastic show!! eye watering jokes and jaw dropping girls!! Great show throughout!! I would highly recommend it!! :)

I Waited to see all the lads at the game on Sunday before writing to you. They were still raving about it & telling the ones who didn’t come what a great night it was! They were all trying to recall your jokes (with not much success) especially the ones about Portsmouth!

They were staggered by the beauty & performances of the girls. They really are amazing!

Your comedy had everyone in stitches and the two girls where stunning.

Fantastic night last night! I will be in touch soon about the next one!

Again you have not let me down, the evening was a success and the lads at work can’t stop talking about it.

Can i take the time to say personally a massive thanks again to you, Kirsty and Brook for a fantastic night!!

We have held several Gents Evenings here over the years & what made yours stand out was that it was a very well run polished & professional show. You were funny & the girls gorgeous!

Your girls were fantastic & your comedy levels and material were amazing.

We sold 70 tickets so we made a good few quid PLUS the bar take was fantastic which all helps the club!

Just a quick message to say thank you for the unforgettable night!

The comedy was hilarious and provided us with new nicknames for the group. The girls were fantastic too!

The girls (Kirsty and Kim) were both gorgeous and involved all the audience rather than just stripping off in a corner.

Geoff was THE best comedian I’ve seen down our club. Rather than rehashing old jokes he gently ribbed/relentlessly abused all audience members equally without ever going too far and crossing the line.

“Excellent show last night! I thought you & the girls were brilliant. We will definately be booking you again real soon!


What a great night Geoff Jukes was brilliant, very funny and original and kept the night buzzing, everybody had terrific time. Girls where stunning very friendly and put on great show. (Faultless night) highly recommended.

Fantastic comedy that came across as if you actually knew some of the gents that you targeted!

You held the evening together seamlessly & with two absolutely stunning girls (Kirsty & Larrisa) it was an event that will remain as a memory for a very long time!

We raised over £600 & really never had to do anything. Geoff, you sorted the lot & was a class act on the stage.

Just a quick line to thank you, Kirsty & Larrisa for a great you put on at our club!

Just a quick note of thanks again for Friday night. I had so much positive feedback again from those who went for both the comedy and Kirsty & Brook. Managed to raise just over £500 from the night and Eddie was more than happy with takings behind the bar.